The Final Four in the Championship Tournament

They are Lita, Madison, Trish, and Candice. What should the match up be


Eve Torres vs. Madison Rayne Round one

evevs. madison rayne2

Eve vs. Madison

Madison comes to the ring waving to the crowd saying the queen Bee has arrived. Now its time for Eve comes out smiling and posing for the crowd.

The bell rings Madison and Eve lock up. Eve goes behind and puts Madison in a hammer lock. Madison screaming and gets to the ropes for a break. Madison yelling gets her off of me. Eve releases the hold but eats a back elbow. Madison now locks in a chin lock on Eve grounding her. Eve feeding off the crowd as they are chanting for Her. Lets Go EVE. Eve gets to a vertical base and fighting out of the submission with elbows to the gut of Madison. Eve breaks free comes off the ropes and goes for a drop kick and hits it. Eve now on the offense. Eve grabs Madison and hits a snap suplex. Eve now puts up Madison and hits a ddt. Eve now goes for her standing moonsault and but Madison gets her knees up and rolls up Eve. 1..2.kick out by Eve. Madison now picks up the pace hits the ropes and goes for her running big boot and hits it. Madison hooks the leg 1..2. kick out by Eve. Madison picks up Eve and hits a german suplex on Eve. 1..2.. kick out again by Eve. Madison picks up Eve and goes for the rayne drop but Eve swings out of it and hits Madison with a swinging neck breaker. Eve goes to the top rope and hits a beautiful moonsault on Madison. Eve in the pin. 1..2.. Madison goes her foot on the rope at stays alive in the match and Title hunt. Eve picks up Madison and Madison pokes Eve in the eye and rolls her up 1..2..3. Your winner and Advancing to the Semifinals of the Championship Tournament Madison Rayne stole one and may end up winning the title later on.


Candice Michelle vs. Lacey Von Erich Round one

  candice1vs. madison rayne lacey 1

Candice Michelle vs. Lacey Von Erich

Candice comes out to a big pop and she does her dancing and the crowd keeps getting louder. Lacey now comes out smiling and acting goofy. The crowd cheers for her to. We have two crowd favorites going at it.

They shake hands. Candice and Lacey tie up. Lacey hits a big belly to belly suplex on Candice. The fans are cheer for Candice Candice. Lacey looks at the fans and asking them why aren’t you cheering for me. Candice gets to her feet and Lacey hits a big boot. Lacey picks up Candice and whips her into the corner Lacey goes for a big splash Candice moves and the fans were getting more behind Candice. Lacey bounces off the turnbuckle. Candice with a quick roll up 1..2. kick out by Lacey. Candice comes off the ropes full speed and drills Lacey right in the face. Candice Michelle picks up Lacey and locks the arms of Lacey goes for the candy wrapper but Lacey over powered Candice spins her around and grabs her by the neck and drops Candice with a Choke Slam. Lacey covers Candice 1..2.. kick out by. Candice as the fans are loudly chanting Candice Candice. Lacey now getting mad walking around the ring and pointing at the fans. Shes saying it my time now hers she’s old news. Lacey goes back to Candice picks her up and goes for the Claw but Candice grabs Lacey’s arms and goes behind her and drills her with the Candy wrapper. The fans explodes as the ref counts 1..2..3. Your winner moving to the next round Candice Michelle. Congrats to her.

Ivelisse Velez vs. Lita Round One


Ivelisse Velez vs. Lita

Lita comes to the ring at the arena goes ape sh** crazy.

Here comes Ivelisse but the fans don’t care much they are still going crazy for Lita.

The match starts with Lita unloading on Ivelisse with right hands the fans going wild chanting one more time. As Lita just pounding Ivelisse in the corner. Lita finally stops picks up Ivelisse and whips her into the ropes and hits a head scissors on Ivelisse. Ivelisse maybe a younger wrestler but smart enough to roll out of the ring to stop the Momentum but that back fired Lita comes off the top rope and hits an undeliverable cross body on Ivelisse. Lita rolls Her back in the ring Picks her up goes for the twist of fate but Ivelisse counters into a back slide. 1..2. kick out by Lita as the crowd was sweating that count. IVelisse to her feet first hits a super kick out Lita who was still on her knees. Ivelisse picks up Lita whips her into the ropes and but Lita helps a running ddt. Lita climbs to the top rope and hits the Moonsault 1..2..3. The winner is Lita and the crowd loves it. Lita advances to the Semis congrats to her.

Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim Round ONE


Love both of these two it’s going to really hard have one of them lose and in the first round at that. And who ever loses starts 0-1. But both with do great on this page.

Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim

First out is Gail Kim the fans going absolutely crazy chant for Gail Kim. Then Trish Stratus comes though the curtain everyone on their feet and the sound is deafening in the arena these are 2 of the 4 most over women on the roster.

Match coming soon this will be a good one.

The match starts with a hand shake the crowd doesn’t know who to cheer. They lock up Trish over powers Gail and put her in a head lock. Trish takes Gail to a knee but Gail fights out of it and puts Trish off to the ropes and Gail goes for a drop kick and hits it. Gail now comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline. She picks up Trish mistake Trish hits her with a jaw breaker. Trish now whips her into the ropes and Trish hits a flap jack on Gail. Trish now picks her up and whips Gail into the corner. Trish goes for a big splash in the corner but Gail hops up on the top rope and knees Trish in the face. Trish falls to her back Gail on the top rope goes for a big splash and she hits it perfectly. Gail hooks the leg 1..2 kick out by Trish Stratus. Gail picks up Trish goes for the eat defeat the crowd chanting NO. Trish reverses it a roll up and now a sharpshooter. Gail right in the middle of the ring and in trouble. Gail screaming no to the ref. Gail crawling to the ropes and finally get to there we have a rope break. Trish breaks the hold now lifts Gail up and chops her against the ropes. Gail counters lifts up and hangs Trish throat first over the top rope. Gail grabs Trish as she bounces off the ropes grabs Trish arm and hits the eat defeat. The fans with a little boo Gail covers Trish 1..2.. kick out by Trish. The crowd roars. Gail now looks like she about to go over the edge picks up Trish and goes to slap her but Trish starts firing Forearms and fans chanting lets go Trish. Trish whips Gail into the ropes and goes for a spine buster but Gail counters with a head scissors. Trish rolls to the Corner. Gail charges Trish goes for her body clothesline But Trish uses her upper body strength and Gail goes head first in the steel ring pole. Trish now pulls Gail to the center of the ring goes For the Stratusfaction but Gail Counters Trish into a tilt a world back breaker. Gail now goes to the top rope for her Missile drop kick But Trish takes her down. Trish now hits the Stratusphere and Trish measuring Gail for the chick kick and the Fans are as loud as they can be. Trish swings and hits Gail right in the forehead. Trish pins Gail 1..2.. Gail puts her foot on the rope. Trish picks up Gail now goes for the Stratusfaction again and she hits it Trish pins Gail 1..2..3. The arena roars As Trish’s music plays. Trish advances to the final four. Trish picks up Gail and they hug and shake hands to great wrestlers with respect for each other congrats to Trish. The other three in the finals are Candice, Lita, and Madison.

Here are the match ups to see you will be the first ever World champion

1. Trish vs Gail
2. Lita vs Ivelisse
3. Candice vs Lacey
4. Eve vs Madison